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Database Management Systems

In the mid-1960s, computer systems and software programs evolved with increasing complexity and flexibility. During this time, many database programs were being developed to increase the efficiency of data handling.

Entrepreneurs and large corporations demanded more complex systems as time went by because it became more challenging to manage data in the traditional manner.

IBM employee, Edgar Codd, developed hard disk systems. He made further advancements in data management systems in 1970, when he devised a new method of constructing databases. The new method involved more efficient ways of storing data and processing large databases.

IBM developed Structured Query Language (SQL) in 1974, and it replaced other traditional data management systems as it was more functional. SQL became an efficient way to store and process structured data.

The SQL is a relational database management system that can be configured using any programming language, it has fast-loading utilities, and it has solid security protocols in place.

“Not only” Structured Query Language (NoSQL) was developed as unstructured data had to be processed at a faster rate. This system allows for high volumes of different kinds of data to be processed simultaneously. These software solutions can be quite demanding as it requires fast processing speeds and high RAM.

Graph databases or graph data stores only originated around 2006 and are primarily used by social networks, location-aware systems, and routing systems. Intelligent databases like those that process patient history in hospitals presents information in a natural way that is useful and informative.

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