DBExplorer Version 3.0 Enhancements

Compare Data

  1. Includes SQL mode to generate SQL DML scripts.
  2. Added new grid to map tables with different names for comparison.
  3. Added new Column Differences view to highlight differences in column values.
  4. Added user defined SQL queries.
  5. Added SQL WHERE clause on table mapping.
  6. Added addition code to use a UNIQUE index of no Primary Key defined.
  7. Extra summary details shown on HTML data difference report.
  8. Added list view header bitmap to data difference view to flag excluded and PK columns.

Compare Schema

  1. Added feature to synchronise all differences at once.
  2. Added side-by-side view of SQL DDL script differences
  3. An option to append to file is now available on save SQL script dialog.
  4. Add feature to compare CHECK CONSTRAINTS.

Database Catalog

  1. Now groups each type of database object in (sorted) tree view.
  2. Added feature to export records to a XML document file.
  3. Shows progress counter when executing a SQL query that returns a result set.


  1. Increased size of initial open / create new document form.
  2. Added cut and paste support on record popup window.
  3. Added check box to mark generated schema/data changes as synchronised but without necessarily executing (ie, saved to file).

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed bug in Exclude Column dialog that did not display any columns when creating a new schema compare document.
  2. Fixed error when editing/adding a record with identity columns.
  3. Fixed bug in Import/Export data wizard when attempting to log an error.
  4. Displays an error dialog if attempting to compare a table without a primary key or unique index.
  5. When changing compare options the original schema-mapping filter is used.
  6. When selecting an MS Access data source the browse button is displayed on opening the second page (i.e., RH database).
  7. Added support for horizontal scrolling of combo boxes in "Select Database" property pages and Generate Schema Wizard.
  8. Better support of DB2/400 object naming conventions.
  9. The "Save as/Open" file dialog was sometimes failing to open under Windows XP.
  10. Changed the file association (extension) of HTML Report documents from "htm" (clashing with IE/default web browser) to "htr".
  11. Improved method to cross-reference data types across different databases.
  12. Compare Schema sometimes treated differences in VIEW columns as an ALTER TABLE script.

Note to existing users

This version is a major upgrade release and requires a new software registration key. Click here to purchase a licence upgrade. The format of DB Catalog documents is the same. However the compare data and schema have been changed to support new features (eg, table mapping, sql where etc).