Data Differences

DBExplorer uses a sophisticated internal hashing algorithm to report the differences between the data stored in two databases. The databases to compare do not have to reside on the same machine or even in the same RDBM system. Providing the database is accessible on the network via ODBC and/or OLE-DB DBExplorer can report the differences. This includes records that are identical, duplicated or having the same data but different keys as well as being present in only one of the databases. View screen shot of data differences.

Once the comparison is complete you can choose to synchronize selected records to one or other database. When performing the synchronization special logic is built-in to follow the table's foreign key constraints and populate related dependent tables as required. The synchronisation can be applied directly by draging and droping records between the databases or DBExplorer can generate a SQL DML (Data Manipulation Language) script that can be saved or executed.

DBExplorer 3 includes a new Column Differences view to help identify which columns are different.